Power Distribution

Though most jobs have some degree of power distribution in them, there is an occasion where the only need of a project is power distribution. We have provided installations as simple as a single 480 volt feeder for a three phase lighting panel to a much more involved project consisting of a long distance 15 KV feeder with back up supply to power a new facility.

Recently completed project:

New facility feeder – This project consisted of installing two miles of cable tray, four miles of 3/c 500 15KV cable and 36 tons of steel for the shop fabrication and subsequent field installation of hundreds of cable tray supports. The cable spools ranged in weight from 10 to 15 tons per spool, this became a real challenge since the source was from an existing facility and the cranes had to be positioned around pipe racks, bridges, and structures. Not to mention, the available route for running the cable trays had numerous transitions and bends, as well as offsets for general obstruction. Due to early preparedness of lift and pull plans along with the experience and “outside the box” thinking of our team; this task was accomplished efficiently, within budget and prior to scheduled completion dates. Additionally, splices and terminations were performed and hi-potted with zero defects.

This installation required cranes of up to 100 tons due to special conditions, 15 ton cable reel rollers, temporary and permanent support structures, in some cases fabrication with W6 beams and 8” diameter pipe.