Retrofit Installation

We have retrofit systems as simple as a PLC change out to a multi-system DCS upgrade.

Completed projects:

We performed a multi-faceted retrofit installation, where we had a boiler with various auxiliary systems that was Provox controlled & had to change it over to a Delta V system. Also included was a material handling system, and a new 5kv feeder to an existing motor. This portion of the project included over 350 field instruments, 39 field terminal boxes, 2 three door free standing marshalling cabinets, over 3,200’ of conduit, 7,500’ of cable tray and channel and 16 miles of multi-conductor tray cables. Additionally we had to relocate a Burner Management system for three boilers to a new system control panel located in a different building on the second floor. This had over 500 field connections of which approximately 1/3 had no labeling, therefore we had to research and identify all cable prior to removing the old controls. Finally we had misc power distribution and existing local controls that were also included to complete the installation.